The Church of England mustn’t waste this opportunity to address the ravages of climate change

Powerful stuff.

God and Politics in the UK

Porthleven Storm WavesOne word you wouldn’t use to describe the weather in our country at the moment is ‘boring’. Just when we decide that the havoc wreaked by the latest storm is the worst weather of the winter, along comes the next one and raises the bar on devastation levels again. It might be producing some incredible photography displaying the raw power of nature, but it’s not wonderful if your house is being wrecked by floodwater or you’ve had days without power to it.

We’re having a pretty tough time right now, but is this freak weather becoming less freakish, i.e. should we accept that we will be expecting more of this extreme weather year on year? It certainly feels that our climate is increasingly unpredictable and bad tempered, both locally and globally, and the credible science that analyses our climate continues to put much of the blame on global warming. The Intergovernmental…

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